MSCA LogoBelow is the latest newsletter from the Massachusetts Systems Contractors Association, INC. (MSCA). We thought that it was very informative and helpful and wanted to share this information with our clients!

Dear Consumer:

Technology is constantly changing and new concepts and devices are at our fingertips. Some of the advances simplify our lives and streamline our days.

You may be aware of advertisements for all-in-one type security systems that allow you to control your property from a smart phone or similar device. Such systems allow you to monitor your property through video surveillance, operate devices, secure locks and control the environment.

What you may not be aware of, is that these systems fall under the category of “Life Safety”. As such, the businesses and the workers that have your personal protection in mind are highly regulated by the State of Massachusetts. They are required to be licensed by the State Board Electrical Examiners and also to have a Public Safety license, mandating criminal background checks on all security system employees by the Department of Public Safety. This is to protect your valuables from those who may have criminal backgrounds and to assure that the systems will work effectively in responding to any emergency.

At this time, some national telecommunications companies are operating without such licenses in Massachusetts. Many have been issued “cease and desist” orders and the State Board of Electrical Examiners has written a very strong decision that these telecommunications companies are in violation of and must conform with Massachusetts’ Consumer Protection and Public Safety laws. The order to comply with the law has been challenged and counsel in the Office of the Attorney General is waiting for a court hearing date.

We advise that you ask everyone who offers you such a system to show you their Massachusetts Licenses. Further, if you have had problems with any such company for any of your properties, we urge you to file a simple consumer complaint with the Attorney General’s office by completing the AG’s Form at

If you want, please contact us and let us know of your concerns. The MSCA and its member companies pride themselves on protection of the public and compliance with all state laws.

Don’t be fooled, protect your home by contracting with only licensed professionals!