In our day of age, technology is forever improving and advancing. This includes your home security system. To prevent burglaries, it’s important to make sure your home security system is up to date. Not sure if you’re due for an upgrade? Check out the signs below to see if you are!

  • For many years, homeowners only had the option to install a phone wired security system, giving burglars an easy in into their home. All they had to do was cut the phone wires, deactivating your security system and enter your home. These days, there are wireless systems available. To help with removing any concern, these systems come with cellular connections. If your system is still hardwired to a phone line, it may be time to consider installing a more modern cellular back up system.
  •  If your security systems has low-resolution camera footage, chances are, you’ll have difficulty getting a clear picture of a burglar. Luckily, with the advances in camera equipment, there are now affordable IP systems to help in capturing high resolution megapixel video.
  • Many modern security systems now give you the option to monitor your home from an app. You can do anything from turning on and off lights and watching live footage

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