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Here what our loyal customers have to say about Basco Security, Inc.

“I found Basco Security online and filled out a free estimate form from their website. Within a day or two, Carl, the installation technician, was at my home in Waltham, Mass. to survey my property for the estimate. I was very pleased with the reasonable prices so I decided to go ahead with the security system installation.  I showed Carl and the other technician the windows and doors that I wanted the four outside night vision cameras with motion detectors and the alarm systems installed. They gave me suggestions and more information so the cameras would be placed in the most efficient places and could be used to their full ability.  A day later all four security cameras were installed and streaming live feeds to my phone, computer, and TV.  The alarms on the numerous doors and first floor windows are connected to the local police and fire department in Waltham to send a call when an intruder has entered my home. I am very happy with the efficiency and professionalism from the Basco Security team! Thanks again!”

Steve N. Waltham, MA

“Had a new security and fire alarm system and service installed. Everything works great and the company did a great job installing. I’m very pleased and can sleep easy knowing we have an up to date modern system that is easy to use.”

-John B.

“Quality service and craftsmanship, very reliable. Also a family owned and operated company.”

-Lucas L.

“Quality workmanship excellent staff installing the best components and state-of-the-art equipment”

-Paul S.

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With our choice in cameras, let Basco Security Inc. tailor the storage capabilities of your system to your exact needs and budget.  We can range from the price conscious analog systems of Honeywell to the fully IP and customized world of Exacq Technologies. You will have the capabilities to record locally and be viewed remotely through your smartphone or a computer.