Check out our recent commercial installation, combining Surveillance with Access Control for a unique security solution!
Recently we finished installing a commercial surveillance system. The system we installed is a Videofied system, a unique combination of access control and surveillance all in one! It contains cameras that activate upon motion detection and send you, via email, a small video clip of the motion detected. It allows you to see exactly what the cameras just picked up. The system also contains an access control portion that helps you control who is and isn’t allowed on your property or at your business. This is monitored by addressable key fobs. The key fobs are assigned to individual persons that have access to the premises. When they swipe the key fob at the access control location, their fob is logged so you know who comes and goes at all times, as well as if it is someone that is entrusted with access to your property is the one tripping the motion activated video, or if it indeed is someone that should NOT be there! Contact us here at Basco Security today to find out if this unique system may be the combined access control and video surveillance solution that would best suit your needs. We can be reached at 781-294-4166 or by filling out our online estimate form!