The brutal winter had us spending most of our time at home simply due to the weather making it unpleasant to be outdoors let alone travel anywhere. During this time of year many home security alarms are often not being used as they would during the spring and summers. This spring, add home alarm systems to your spring cleaning checklist.

Few things to add to your spring cleaning checklist:

Remind everyone at home how to use your home alarm system

Many times if not used in a while, many families can forget how to navigate your home alarm system. It is recommended to give your family a refresher on how to arm and disarm your alarm system and navigate panic buttons in case of emergencies. Good practices include evacuation plan when elderly people and children are involved.

Examine outdoor sensors and beamsĀ 

Sporadically inspect outdoor beams and sensors, during the winter season conditions such as sleet and snow, heavy rainfall and ice can affect your outdoor alarm sensors and no longer operate.

Replace Batteries in DevicesĀ 

It is recommended to schedule an annual inspection, to ensure all smoke detectors are clean, all devices are working properly and replace any batteries that may have expired.

If you notice your home alarms systems seem to not be working correctly contact Basco Security. We are a family owned and operated company, offering trusted and reliable home security systems in Eastern Massachusetts since 1960.