As your children grow older and start to leave home, you may want to reassess your home security needs. With less people around the house on a regular basis, your home is more vulnerable to potential break-ins and energy waste, and you’ll want the ease of mind knowing that there are ways to contact your loved ones in case of an emergency.

You can use video surveillance to monitor your home while you are away or on errands. Many systems can now be viewed on your cell phone or tablet, saving you the hassle of needing a computer to check on things. Several security options also give you the option of remotely controlling your home energy usage through their mobile application, so you are using excess heat or electricity when no one is home. This cuts costs that will help you in the long run in terms of saving money and eventual retirement. You should run some lights on timers in order to give the appearance that someone is home to dissuade potential intruders. Some timers, like some thermostats, can be controlled within the same apps as your heat.

Another option to consider is an emergency response system. These can come in a variety of handheld options, in either a necklace, bracelet or keychain. Each is equipped with a button that will immediately summon emergency services if pushed. If you are alone and cannot reach a phone, this will put you in contact with someone who can in seconds. This can also move from home to home with you, in case you choose to downsize.

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