Traditionally, home security systems have always required in a landline connection in order to provide your security company with a way to always contact the home. With smartphones becoming ubiquitous and fewer households investing in a landline, wireless monitoring of security systems, once a backup option in case of a phone outage, has now become its own standalone service.

How Does a Wireless Security System Work?

Wireless monitoring of your security system works similarly to your cell phone, even using the same local cell towers for a signal. Because the technology to monitor your system is not wired in directly to the house, you will have a constant stream without worrying about power, phone or internet outages due to heavy rain, wind or snow. With the system connected to your cell phone, you will be able to connect your system remotely from anywhere with a data connection in order to check any unusual behavior as well as receiving alerts via app notifications and text messages. Certain systems also include automation, allowing you to control the temperature, lights and locks even when you’re not home.

What are the Benefits of Monitored Security Systems?

Having a monitored security system is critical to keeping the home safe, even when you are hundreds of miles away. Monitoring allows the company to contact you as soon as unusual behavior is detected, allowing you to check your cameras through an easy-to-use app on your phone or tablet. If an intruder is the cause of the notification, your security company will be able to contact local authorities immediately to check for accomplices, as well as stolen or damaged property.

Home Security Installation & Monitoring in Pembroke, MA

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