Congratulations! You have made the impeccable choice of getting your own security camera system for your home, business, or property! You have now chosen to increase the protection of not only your property but also those who reside or work there. After making this choice, the next item on the docket is picking out where to install the cameras. This thought process should consider the best location to get maximum coverage opportunity for the most optimal security. For these reasons, the expert security system installation team at Basco Security has compiled a list of our top tips to help you place your security cameras for optimal safety.

Where Should I Put My Security System?


First Place Them On The Ground Floor:

It is essential to first think about where you enter your home. People commonly enter their home or business the same way an intruder would. You will want to place your cameras near front doors, back doors, and windows on the ground floor. Doing so will help see anyone who enters or tries to enter your property.



If your property has either a long or short driveway, you will want to properly monitor it to see who is passing by or through your property. Unfortunately, driveways are another common place intruders will sneak through to enter your home.


Main Walkways & Stairs

Place a camera there if there is a highly trafficked area in your home or business that anyone will need to pass through within your property. Placing a camera there will help you determine who passes through and if they are supposed to be there.


Anywhere You Keep Valuables

Do you keep jewelry, money, or family heirlooms upstairs in your bedroom or down below in your basement? If so, placing a security camera near one of those places can be helpful. We do not recommend placing a camera in bedrooms or bathrooms for obvious privacy reasons, but it can help to keep one close by in a disclosed spot.


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