With all that is going on in the world today, many homeowners are looking for ways to make sure that their home and family stay safe and secure. One of the best, easy to implement options for home security is the installation of a doorbell security camera. But what exactly are all of the benefits of a doorbell security camera? Here are just a few of the reasons that it is a great idea for homeowners to have a doorbell security camera installed at their home.

Discourage Potential Criminals

The first and arguably most important reason is that doorbell security cameras act as a visual deterrent for any potential criminals.  As they are installed in a visible place, so the camera is immediately obvious to anyone who comes to the home with the intention of breaking in. Doorbell cameras often make people think twice about committing a crime, because the criminals know they will be caught on camera. The recording can often be used as evidence in court if, in a worst-case scenario, a burglary does occur. 

Lower Home Insurance Costs

Many homeowners can qualify for a discount with the installation of home security equipment. The vast majority of insurance providers now provide a discount on any homeowner’s insurance for homes that have a doorbell security camera installed. The discount can save homeowners anywhere from just a few dollars each month to up to a few hundred dollars a year, just for doing something simple to keep their home safe.

Secure Your Deliveries

Nowadays, more and more homeowners are having their packages stolen from their porches, especially during the holiday season. Having a doorbell security camera can reduce a lot of the anxiety of having a package delivered to the home by creating a visual record of when and who delivered it, and if applicable, who took it off the porch. This will help homeowners to know exactly when a package was delivered, which can be extremely valuable information should they ever have the need to counteract any fraud.

Screen Your Visitors

An unexpected knock on the door in the middle of dinner or during children’s bedtime can be frustrating. Doorbell security cameras can help homeowners decide if they want to disrupt their routine and answer the door, or if it is a salesperson that can be ignored. It also helps them to avoid answering the door for anyone who looks like they might have bad intentions, or for people the homeowner simply doesn’t want to talk to at that time. 

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