Whether you’re installing a home security system in a brand-new home or just updating your current home, a wireless system can make your life more efficient, safer and smarter. Not only will our wireless systems keep you updated on anything happening in your home, but they will grow with you as your security needs change.

Reasons to Choose a Wireless Security System

  • More Secure Basco Security, Inc.’s wireless systems use a secure connection that is not only fast, but it is reliable. This allows homeowners to receive real-time alerts of any issues going on in their home. With a wireless system, there’s no exposed cable or phone lines that have the potential to be cut, thus leaving a traditional system unusable. Along with the potential of cut wires, a traditional system becomes vulnerable if your internet, phone or power goes out. Because wireless systems use a cellular connection, if there’s an emergency, you’ll always receive an alert.
  • Easier to Install With the Basco professionals, if it’s time to replace an old system, we make it easy! We can help to suggest the perfect system for you and your home’s security needs. With our systems, we can usually use any existing sensors from your older system. In the event that you do need new sensors, a wireless system doesn’t require any work around your home, installing wires. In addition to an easy installation, with a cellular connection, if you have an issue with the system, it can be resolved from a center and doesn’t require a scheduled visit.
  • Flexible and Multipurpose Wireless security systems have the option to keep track of various things around your home and give you real-time alerts of these things. From monitoring your front gate to ensuring your safe isn’t being accessed, you can be aware of almost anything in your home!

Wireless home security systems offer various more benefits for you, your home and your family. To learn more about them or to receive a free estimate, contact Basco Security, Inc. today! We can be reached by calling 781-294-4166 or by filling out our online contact form.