Do you have an existing alarm system installed in your home from another company, but you’re not satisfied with their service? Are you wondering if you can switch companies? Would you like a new central station to monitor your account? We here at Basco Security are more than happy to help!

Often, we receive calls from potential customers speaking of poor service with other companies, or poor service with their monitoring station, and wondering what they can do about it. We can assist you with this process!

We will come out to your home,  provide you with a free survey so we can get to know you and see what kind of system you have installed to give you the best options for your situation. Usually a simple panel and touchpad swap; or the “brains of the system” as we tend to call it, is all that is needed for you to be up and running with our service! We can also do full replacements of existing devices, using the original wiring if the condition of the wiring permits. Want to swap out your 110V smoke alarms with a low voltage monitored fire alarm system? We can do that too! We have a rapport with trusted local electricians that can convert your existing 110V wiring to a low voltage on the existing wiring, and we do the rest! We will change the old smokes to new and improved upgraded products.

If you’d like to clean up and replace an old messy alarm panel in your home, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at these photos from one our recent alarm system takeovers on Cape Cod. We turned a messy, malfunctioning panel into a well-dressed, fully functional system! Call or email us today, if you’re interested in our Alarm takeover services, we’d be more than happy to help you with whatever you may need!

Before Exterior Before Wiring Finished System Finished System 3 Finished System 2