Basco Security Abington MA

Twenty miles southeast of Boston lies Abington, Massachusetts, a town of roughly 15,000 people. Abington, MA once was combined with the neighboring towns of Bridgewater, Rockland, and Whitman but has since been split up since its founding in 1668. There has been a constant rise in population, and Basco Security is proud to serve its residents for their security needs.

Basco Security provides the following security services for Abington, MA residents:

Intrusion Alarm System Installation and Repair Services in Abington, MA

Add to your home’s security system with our Intrusion Alarm System! Our experienced team will install various sensors and detectors around your home to protect your home from unwanted intruders. Among the features of our Intrusion Alarm System are door and window sensors, pet immune motion detectors, and alarms that monitor your home’s water, temperature and oil levels. We also offer alarm screens!  Learn more about the features of our Intrusion Alarm System by contacting Basco Security today!

Camera System Installation in Abington, MA

Camera systems are becoming a staple in many homes’ security systems nowadays. With a camera system, you can monitor your home from anywhere, using just your smartphone or computer! Basco Security offers a wide variety of camera systems, and we will work with you to find the best fit for your security needs and budget. Speak to one of our trained technicians today to learn more.

Fire Alarm System Service, Repair and Installation in Abington, MA

Make sure to protect your home and family against the risk of fire using Basco Security! Our team offers installation and repair services for your fire alarm system to ensure the security of your home. Included in our Fire Alarm Systems are smoke and heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, natural and propane gas detectors, and more.

Contact Basco Security today for your home security needs in Abington, MA!

Make sure to keep your home and family safe! To learn more about our home security offerings in Abington, MA, contact Basco Security by calling 781-294-4166 to speak to a trained technician or request an estimate here.